June 7, 2014 Meeting

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A Mock OpenSpace Meeting was conducted at the meeting. Topics were created and discussed in Space A and Space B.

The mock meeting allowed us to experience the format. Everyone felt it generated a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Group agreed to run future meetings in OpenSpace format. However, a new schedule was proposed with the first meeting of the month being a more "open" OpenSpace format, and the next meeting of that month being for working on organizing the previous open space meeting, and preparing for the next one.

Perry's reason/declaration for participating in the Vertical Spaces: Why I'm here: Humanity's future, the better one, will be shaped through unconventional thinking/ideas/actions. Which idea set will actually shape that future? Hard to say. One thing's for sure: odds are much better for those with smart, thoughtful people behind them. That's why I'm here.


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