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  • Clear statement of purpose related to our Mission Statement and BHAG
    • Clearly express that this is about education and spreading information
    • It's about the larger idea, not the book. The book is a reward.
  • Every purchase results in an in kind product donation to an institution
    • Pick who you want us to send it to: (the book you send may change the world)
      • School
      • Library
      • Architecture or Engineering Firm
      • Pick your own geographical target
  • Offer a program to get kids started
    • Reward: Student led workshop - kids build their own vertical city in class, envision the future.
  • Express costs, be transparent
    • Large book
    • Low Volume
    • High Quality Paper
  • Offer free shipping world wide
  • Get Backers on-board ahead of time
  • Make sure to set up the Amazon Payments account well ahead of time, can take 2+ weeks
    • Amazon and Kickstarted both take 5% of the proceeds, 10% total

Possible Reward Levels

  • $1 Virtual Mile-High High Five
  • $5 "Open a Chapter" PDF of 1 chapter (to discuss: and PDF of VerticalCity Info-graphic Poster)
  • $20 "?" eBook and PDF poster (if 100, everyone gets a PDF)
  • $30 "Post your vision" VerticalCity Info-graphic Poster on recycled paper (canceled)
    • Possibly use Next day flyers
  • $100 "Lay a brick" Early-bird special for first 100 hard copy books. Other name ideas: "cement a brick", ""buy a brick"
    • $120 for next 100, add this level once early-birds sellout
    • $140 for next 100, add this level once early-birds sellout
    • an e-book will be sent to you before the books are sent out on February/March, 2015
  • $160 Retail hard copy (cancelled)
  • $300 Signed hard copy (merged with student led workshop)
  • $500 "Build a Foundation" Student led workshop.
    • Includes autographed book, poster, school support materials, DIY Lesson plan and worksheets.
    • Children are the future
    • Kids build their own vertical city in class, envision the future
    • Send it back to us and we will put it on our website as feedback
  • $2,500 "Start an uprising" Moderate an open space meeting for your organization
    • Plus travel expenses
    • We capture the conversations
  • $???? Book Launching Party
    • Access Limited - 20? 50?
    • Venue: NYC or PDX

  • $199 Signed VerticalCity Info-graphic Poster on laminated paper "Post your vision" (cancelled)

Inspiring Examples

Other Ideas

  • Possibly sell the book as a precursor to a documentary
    • Run a later Kickstarter to fund the documentary
  • Category star on Amazon

More Possible Reward Levels

  • Call/Google hangout with Ray, or a panel of experts
    • Use Moderator
  • Photo of Ken
  • Credit on Website
  • Trip to Abu Dhabi to tour the Kingdom Tower
  • Trip to Changsha China to visit SkyCity