May 10th, 2014 Meeting

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Portland Contingent

  • 9 - 11am
  • World Cup Coffee
  • 1740 NW Glisan St.
  • Portland, OR 97209
  • (503) 228-5503

New York Contingent

  • Noon - 2PM

Suggested Agenda Items (some meeting notes interspersed)

  • Discuss OpenSpace topic ideas
  • Determine competing and complementary events and dates
  • Work on the invitation.
    • We're not just about talk, we're about something actually growing out of it
  • Decide if we want to start inviting more people to the meetings now, or keep the group small and then invite everyone to the big event this summer.
    • Organic growth
      • Upsides
        • Slow is fast
        • More sustainable over time
        • greater buy-in
      • Downsides
        • don't get the satisfaction of a big bang
  • Start gathering email addresses for those on our invite list.
  • Purpose
  • invite to next:
    • Kate Wildrick owner ingenuity innovation
    • Aaron, her husband
    • John Garner Zeitgeist Movement
    • John Tree Life Energy startup at PSU
    • Ward Cunningham
    • Julia Whelan
  • thoughts about May 24, 2014
    • we could start doing our planning meetings in OpenSpace, so we're doing and planning at the same time
    • Ted will facilitate.
    • Possible we'll be ready for a half-day two or four weeks after that meeting.
    • Just keep going in OpenSpace and see what emerges.
    • Perry suggests Nedspace, will talk with Summer

Who's Here