October 25th, 2014 Meeting

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Gearing up for Kickstarter

Launch Date: Nov. 4th, 2014

Kickstarter Campaign Preview

Campaign Length: 30 Days

  • 11/04 - 12/05

Goal: $4,000

Pre-launch Support Sign Up Form

Big Point-in-time

  • Reach out to contributors, bloggers, friends, etc. to get pre-launch support & media exposure
  • Official Video ready: 11/01
  • Social Media campaign: 11/04
  • Mailchimp Mass Email Announcement: 11/04


  • Just before KickStarter Launch (Nov. 4th)
    • Reach out to 30 book contributors
      • search contact information
      • already have handful from Vivian
      • Schedule a call with each one of them if possible
  • Top Blogs
    • Architectural
    • Green / Sustainable
    • Tree Hugger Editor
    • TIME editor - Mark Grimes’ contact
    • Help A Reporter Out
  • Social Media
    • budge: $,1000
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Personal Outreach
    • ask Karen Zhang & Lynn King for help as well
  • Educational Institutions
    • e-mail template
  • CTBUH - Conference Organizer
  • Reach out to Jon Gottshall & others
    • “who should we let know about this?”

Hit goal of $4K (40 books sold) in first 3 days!

1) 1-2 days before the campaign all the people that signed up on both lists need to get an email reminder that the campaign is going live Tuesday 11/4

2) Very early Tuesday 11/4 all the people that signed up on both lists need to get an email with a link asking them to go fulfill their pledge during the first 72 hours the campaign goes live

  • After the book is available
    • Book release signing in the NYC equivalent of Powell’s Books / Rizzoli’s?