October 4th, 2014 Meeting

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Kickstarter Script


  • Prize Levels
    • $1 "thank you" level
    • $5 PDF chapter
    • $20 full ebook and PDF infographic
    • $100 book
    • $500 student led workshop and signed book (only 5 available)
    • $2,500 In person workshop. Travel, room and board not included. (only 2)
    • remove $160
    • Remove printed infographic options.
  • Stretch Goal: If we get 100 backers at $20 or more, then get a inforgraphic poster.
    • If we we do an Infographic, who does it?
  • Edits to KS text
    • We will even let you chose the institution if you like, just let us know.
    • We will include a confirmation of the donation with your book purchase.
    • Add link to pre-pledge page

Next Steps

  • Customize vc.org for KS
  • Customize vs.wiki for KS
  • Get "call to action" stamp for business cards with link to vc.org/kickstarter
  • VC newsletter with link to campaign page.
  • Get sharpy version of infographic