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  • What is the sidewalk?
  • What is public space?
  • How is this governed? Are there neighborhoods?
  • How do kids meet to date, etc?
  • How local are things? Do I live, work, shop, etc within 5 stories or is the whole building my neighborhood?
  • Zoning within the building?
  • Can anyone live anywhere or does it depend on my role?
  • Is there a subsidized area?
  • How do we create open visible spaces to insure public safety?
  • Are there ID checks or other forms of security checks?
  • Will squatters be a problem?
  • How to address natural disasters?
  • How to prevent terrorism?
  • Will a vertical city grow? If so how?
    • Do you pre-build floors?
    • Do you have some spaces livable and others under construction at the same time?
  • How do you allow for innovation once the building is finished?